The State of BNB Staking: September 2022 Report

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This exclusive reports covers everything you need to know about BNB staking across the BNB Chain ecosystem, including liquid staking protocols supporting liquid-staked BNB assets.

Welcome to the first edition of pSTAKE’s BNB Staking Monthly Report, brought to you by the pSTAKE team.

From here on out, this will serve as the go-to source for a high-level overview and concise summary of key BNB staking metrics as they pertain to the greater BNB Chain ecosystem.

Begin reading below to learn more.

BNB Ecosystem News Highlights

  • BNB Chain Introduces Liquid Staking: CoinDesk published an article discussing the benefits of liquid staking BNB, in addition to several liquid staking protocols that are developing solutions.
  • zkBNB Scaling Solution Announced: zkBNB, an industry-leading zero-knowledge proof-based scaling solution, was officially announced by BNB Chain.
  • BNB Chain Advocates Program: BNB Chain announced their Advocates Program, inviting content creators and KOLs to join BNB Chain in helping to grow the adoption of Web3 and the BNB Chain ecosystem.
  • BNB Boost Campaign: Users were able to participate in CoinMarketCap’s “BNB Boost” Learn & Earn Campaign to earn rewards from a $250K prize pool by taking a quiz.
  • pSTAKE Unlocks 25,000+ BNB: BNB holders unlocked over 25,000 BNB via pSTAKE’s liquid staking solution (risen to ~28,000 BNB at the time of writing).

BNB Token Statistics

BNB’s overall performance since last month has remained relatively steady. Below is a high-level summary of key BNB token stats:

  • Total Market Cap: $46B+
  • 24-Hr Trading Volume: $526M+
  • Circulating Supply: 163M+

BNB Chain Network Activity

The BNB Chain network continues to rise in activity and adoption, representing one of the most active chains across the entire blockchain ecosystem.

You can find the key, up-to-date statistics on network activity below:

  • Daily Transactions: 2.8M+
  • Unique addresses: 196.3M+
  • Average gas price: ~7.78 Gwei
  • Average block time: ~2,128 seconds

BNB Staking Stats

We’ve witnessed a steady rise in the number of staked BNB on the network, climbing from 19.1M in August to 19.3M in September (around a 1% increase). This indicates healthy adoption and demonstrates the increasing demand for the BNB token as a staking asset. In turn, the network itself continues to strengthen in security.

BNB currently stands as the 4th largest cryptocurrency token (out of 183 total networks) in terms of its staking market cap.

More highlights of important staking metrics for BNB are below:

  • Staking Market Cap: $5.5B+
  • Staking Ratio: ~11.8%
  • Delegating APR: ~4.02%
  • Validating (Running a Node) APR: ~4.59%

BNB Liquid Staking Ecosystem

Below is a comprehensive list of the current BNB liquid staking protocols on the market today, along with each liquid-staked asset’s TVL (Total Value Locked). Each provides its own unique staking mechanics and BNB Chain DeFi integrations to allow users to earn additional yield on their liquid-staked representative tokens. 

pSTAKE’s stkBNB has the highest liquidity among all BNB Chain DeFi integrations, making it the most versatile liquid-staked version of BNB available.

Liquidity for Staked BNB

DEXs (decentralised exchanges) are key components of facilitating and harnessing liquidity to allow for the utility and health of liquid-staked BNB – see below for a list of the total liquidity across supported DEXs:


BNB Chain has a total of 44 validators helping secure the network, broken down by 24 active and 20 inactive. The minimum amount of BNB required to stake to become a validator is 10,000 tokens.

Thank You for Reading

We’d like to thank the community for reading our very first BNB staking monthly report. The key objective of this report is to bring everyone up to speed on the most important news and metrics related to BNB staking and how it helps drive the overall BNB Chain ecosystem.

Don’t forget to follow us on our social media channels and keep your eyes out for the next iteration of this report next month.

About pSTAKE

pSTAKE is a liquid staking protocol that unlocks liquidity for your staked assets. With pSTAKE, you can securely stake your Proof-of-Stake (PoS) assets, participate in protocol improvements and security to earn staking rewards, and receive staked underlying representative tokens (stkASSETs) which can be used to explore additional yield opportunities across DeFi.

At present, pSTAKE supports Binance Chain (BNB), Cosmos (ATOM), Persistence (XPRT), and Ethereum (ETH) networks’ native tokens, with a view to support more chains and assets in the future (SOL, and AVAX).

Developed by Persistence

Persistence is a Tendermint-based, specialised Layer-1 network powering an ecosystem of DeFi applications focused on unlocking the liquidity of staked assets.

Persistence facilitates the issuance and deployment of liquid-staked stkASSETs, allowing users to earn staking rewards while participating in DeFi primitives, such as lending/borrowing and liquidity provisioning on DEXs.

Persistence aims to offer a seamless staking and DeFi experience for PoS (Proof-of-Stake) users and enable developers to build innovative applications around stkASSETs.Twitter | LinkedIn | Telegram | Blog | YouTube | Reddit | [email protected]

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