Introducing PP: PSTAKE Airdrop on Solana

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Learn about the BIG PSTAKE airdrop and how to participate in the upcoming Solana Liquid Staking stkSOL launch with the PP Season 1 on Solana.

pSTAKE Finance is launching its flagship Solana Liquid Staked Token (LST), stkSOL, with a big PSTAKE airdrop for the Solana Community.

In this blog, we learn about the initial details of the PP Season 1, including the PSTAKE airdrop mechanism, eligibility, and the next steps.

Does PP stand for pSTAKE Points? Probably.
Does YOUR PP size define the size of PSTAKE airdrop you will get? Definitely!

Big PP = Big PSTAKE Airdrop.

What is pSTAKE Finance?

pSTAKE Finance is a multichain liquid staking protocol for BNB Chain, Solana, Cosmos, and beyond, backed by Binance Labs.

Like Lido or Jito, users can stake assets and receive liquid staked tokens (stkTokens) that can be used in DeFi to generate additional yield.

PSTAKE is the Governance and Incentivization token of the protocol with some of the most prominent investors, including Binance Labs, DeFiance Capital, Coinbase Ventures, and 10 more. stkTokens offer one of the highest LSTfi yields, thanks to partnerships with the biggest DeFi ecosystems like PancakeSwap, Osmosis, Neutron, Venus Protocol, and 15+ more.

pSTAKE Finance has one of the lowest liquid staking fees in the industry and is the only liquid staking protocol integrated with Ceffu Global (Binance Custody).

What is PP? 

PP are not tokens on the Solana blockchain but only a fun interpretation of user activity required to get the PSTAKE airdrop on Solana. Any similarity between PP and objects, living or dead, or sound, is purely coincidental. PP is a contentment of being to propel Solana Liquid Staking. 

Before the stkSOL launch, measure your starting PP by qualifying for the initial eligibility criteria or completing specific tasks. After the stkSOL launch, grow PP by completing on-chain liquid staking actions with stkSOL.

At the end of the PP Season 1 on Solana, claim corresponding PSTAKE tokens and get them airdropped to your wallets.

Be sure to join the pSTAKE Finance community to stay up to date on the latest on PP Season 1 on Solana eligibility and tasks.

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Phase 1: PP Genesis – How do you get PP? 

The entire Solana Community will receive their initial PP in the PP Genesis phase before the stkSOL launch.

How? Satisfy specific eligibility criteria. Complete certain tasks.

PP Criteria – Initial Eligibility

PP comes in various shapes and forms. As an ode to the diversity of the Solana Ecosystem, the initial PP eligibility criteria (to be disclosed one by one in the coming weeks leading up to the stkSOL launch) will complement the Culture, DeFi, and Swiftness of Solana.

Held certain NFTs or Memes? Used specific DeFi protocols? Contributed to SuperteamDAO? Played around on Liquid Staked SOL?

You might be eligible; who knows? Stay tuned. 

PP Tasks – Complete

Another way to get PP before the stkSOL launch is to complete certain on-chain and off-chain tasks. 

Starting today, 9 April 2024, the Solana Community can visit to get their initial PP size from 0 to 69 by simply submitting a wallet address.

PP Growth

In the PP Growth phase after the stkSOL launch, the entire Solana Community will strive to have the biggest PP, bigger than any other Layer 1 Ecosystem.

How? Liquid Staking SOL with pSTAKE Finance.

Grow your PP by completing actions such as holding stkSOL, using stkSOL in DeFi, referring other Solana Community members with your PP, and more.

Watch out for the unexpected PP Rush periods where you can complete additional tasks in a limited period to parabolically grow PP.

Phase 3: PP Convert – How to claim PSTAKE?

PP Convert

The final PP measuring of the Solana Community will happen at a fixed block time in the future. This will mark the end of the PP Season 1 on Solana, as eligible users can claim the PSTAKE airdrop against their final PP.

Big PP = Big PSTAKE Airdrop.

Next Steps

For now, the Solana Community can visit to get their initial PP size by simply submitting a wallet address.

The following steps of PP Season 1 on Solana include:

DateWhat happens?
5 April 2024Announcing the upcoming launch of stkSOL
9 April 2024Introducing PSTAKE airdrop on Solana with PP Season 1 on Solana
TBDAnnouncing the Phase 1: PP Genesis initial eligibility criteria
TBDAdding more PP tasks for users to get more PP
TBDLaunching a user dashboard to view all relevant PP information
TBDstkSOL Launch
TBDPhase 2: PP Growth
TBDPhase 3: PP Burn and PP Season 1 Conclusion
PP Timeline

Final Thoughts

With Solana, pSTAKE Finance will become the first truly multi-chain liquid staking protocol by being present on BNB Chain, Solana, and Cosmos, a combined $170B+ market.

pSTAKE Finance has BIG plans for Solana Liquid Staking with stkSOL. Are you ready to have BIG PP to get that BIG PSTAKE airdrop?

Please note that PP are not tokens on the Solana blockchain but only a fun interpretation of user activity required to get the PSTAKE airdrop on Solana.

Stay tuned for more information about the PP Season 1 on Solana, which will be released in the coming days and weeks.

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