pSTAKE Finance to Launch BTC Liquid Staking in Collaboration with Babylon

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Find out how pSTAKE continues innovating by bringing yield to BTC holders through liquid staking in collaboration with Babylon.

pSTAKE Finance is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of its premier liquid staking solution for Bitcoin, built atop Babylon’s BTC Staking Protocol. 

The move will bring yield to Bitcoin holders, allowing them to earn rewards using their idle BTC while retaining the liquidity of their assets.

The innovation will help illuminate the emerging BTCfi industry, which currently utilizes less than 1% of the trillion-dollar market cap possessed by Bitcoin. pSTAKE intends to be a catalyst to spur BTCfi growth by providing a direct route to earning a yield for BTC deposits with Babylon.

pSTAKE Ready to Launch BTC Liquid Staking with Babylon

pSTAKE is launching the premier liquid staking solution for Bitcoin (BTC). Yes, liquid staking…for Bitcoin. 

Over the past three years, we’ve pioneered liquid staking solutions for Cosmos and are proud to use our expertise to open doors and bring an effective liquid staking solution to the number one ranked cryptocurrency—Bitcoin. 

Babylon is an innovative BTC staking protocol that leverages security from Bitcoin’s proof-of-work algorithm and shares it with proof-of-stake chains to bolster security. The protocol ensures a trustless, self-custodial method of BTC staking that doesn’t require bridging, removing all third-party security threats.

Bringing Yield to BTC Holders

Earning yield on BTC assets has been a highly sought-after opportunity for all long-term holders. In collaboration with Babylon, pSTAKE is finally offering reliable yields to Bitcoin holders, allowing them to leverage their idle assets to earn a passive, secure return. 

Before its invention, earning a yield on Bitcoin was impossible, with most holders simply sending BTC to cold storage as they awaited value appreciation. Of course, lending options existed for BTC but remained a niche use case due to the extreme complexity and risks associated with custody. 

As a result, Bitcoin holders practically had zero options to earn a yield on their idle assets. With a trillion dollars of liquidity locked away in cold storage, the industry has been waiting for a secure utility to put that liquidity to work. 

Well, that utility is already on its way. 

Currently, less than 1% of Bitcoin’s $1 trillion market cap is being used in DeFi. However, recent developments in the Bitcoin ecosystem through sidechains and Layer-2s are about to bring parabolic growth for BTCfi moving forward. 

pSTAKE will be a pivotal cog in the machine for this newly emerging BTCfi narrative by providing a secure and reliable route to earning a yield with BTC, turning it into a more active asset for retail and institutional holders.

What’s Next?

pSTAKE is currently in the final stage of implementing the BTC liquid staking solution with Babylon. BTC deposits are expected to go live on pSTAKE in the coming weeks. 

The launch of Bitcoin liquid staking is a testament to our team’s dedication to becoming a leader innovator in the DeFi space. This move marks the first step towards bringing yield to Bitcoin. Going forward, making Bitcoin a more active yield-generating asset will be the key area of focus for pSTAKE Finance. 

Stay tuned for more updates as we begin this exciting journey of bringing yield to Bitcoin via BTC liquid staking. 

About pSTAKE Finance

pSTAKE Finance is a multichain liquid staking protocol backed by Binance Labs that lets users securely stake the biggest crypto assets and receive liquid staked tokens (LSTs) called stkTokens. These LSTs can then be used in DeFi to generate additional yield. 

stkTokens by pSTAKE Finance offers one of the highest DeFi yields, thanks to low fees and partnerships with the biggest DeFi ecosystems. pSTAKE Finance helps decentralize networks with its unique stake delegation strategy, powered by an intelligent algorithm based on on-chain decentralization parameters.  

About Babylon

Babylon is a security-sharing protocol designed to let BTC holders stake their tokens, secure PoS blockchains, and earn rewards. Its solution is a breakthrough for Bitcoin staking, providing an avenue to earn a yield while retaining custody and avoiding the need to bridge Bitcoin.

Through its three innovative security-sharing protocols, Babylon takes security from the Bitcoin blockchain to secure alternative proof-of-stake chains, helping boost their security. In turn, PoS chains can choose how much to reward users for the additional security. 

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