pSTAKE is a liquid staking solution that unlocks the potential of staked PoS assets (e.g. ATOM). PoS token holders can deposit their tokens on the pSTAKE application to mint 1:1 pegged ERC-20 wrapped unstaked tokens, which are represented as pTOKENs (e.g. pATOM) that can then be transferred to other wallets or smart contracts on the Ethereum network to generate additional yield.

pBridge is a bridge between several blockchains, which currently powers pSTAKE. This unique bridge enables transfer of value between multiple disparate blockchains such as Ethereum, Cosmos, Persistence etc.

$PSTAKE intends to provide its holders with a two-fold benefit, including: 

-Participation in protocol improvement proposals through voting 
-Participation in protocol security

pSTAKE currently supports $ATOM and $XPRT. Support for $SOL & $ETH is under development.

stkASSETs are 1:1 pegged ERC-20 liquid staking representative tokens on the Ethereum network.


You can check the eligibility for the airdrop from this blog. To submit wallet for airdrop, visit here.

20th March 2022. Failing to submit your Persistence Chain address before 20th March 2022 will result in losing out your entire allocation.

Users who have staked there aseets on pSTAKE application will receive the airdrop as they are early users. 
Eligibility | Airdrop Page

Users have to either mint 20 stkATOM or mint 100 stkXPRT. Whichever they prefer

Not necessarily, if you staked stkATOM before 2nd September and stkXPRT before 31st October 2021, you are eligible for the airdrop.

You can check your airdrop on airdrop.pstake.finance

Yes, You can change it by submitting the address again on https://airdrop.pstake.finance. The latest address will be considered for distribution of the Tokens. Deadline: 20 March 2022.

No, users verify their addresses by signing transactions and thus pay no gas fees in the process.

Yes, We have changed the mechanism of the airdrop and would request to submit your address again here: https://airdrop.pstake.finance

Tokens will be distributed on or after 8th March 2022
Eligibility | Airdrop Page

Would request you to use different Persistence wallet addresses to claim the airdrop.


Token Launch Date: 24 February 2022

$PSTAKE is an ERC20 token which is bridged to other chains (starting with the Cosmos ecosystem)

$PSTAKE tokens are available on Ethereum & Persistence Chain. Hence you can have the tokens in your keplr wallet using persistence chain.

Users who provide liquidity to Sushipool would be eligible for retroactive rewards.

Learn More here | Submit Address

Vesting Schedule remains the same as before. The vesting begins from the date of token launch/first token distribution.

Month 1: 16.67% (Automatic drop in persistence wallet after token Launch)

Month 2 to 6: 16.67% (Automatic drop only if staked 20 ATOM or 100 XPRT on pSTAKE Application)

Yes. $PSTAKE is an ERC20 token. However, all eligible airdrop participants will receive the airdrop on the Persistence Core-1 chain. Users can then use it in the Cosmos IBC ecosystem (including on Osmosis)

Alpha Launchpad tokens will be distributed to ALPHA stakers over a period of 6 months as communicated by the Alpha Launchpad team. Please contact their team for more details

The total supply of the $PSTAKE Token is 500M.

CoinList Sale

pSTAKE Team will be distributing the $PSTAKE Tokens.

Tokens need not to be claimed, tokens will be sent automatically to sale participants on the 24th of every month (till vesting period concludes) on the submitted wallet address.

Please contact CoinList Support Team for further steps.

As per vesting schedule, every month starting 24th February 2022 (till vesting period concludes).

No, tokens will be distributed to your ERC20 wallet (as submitted by the user). Contact CoinList team for more information.


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