pSTAKE x Master Protocol: Listing yBTC on the Master Yield Market and Exciting Master Yield Pass NFT Giveaway

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pSTAKE is excited to unveil an exciting and unique partnership with Master Protocol. This collaboration is set to redefine the concept of liquid staking in the Bitcoin sector, with a special emphasis on introducing yield to BTC holders.

pSTAKE and Master Protocol are pioneers in the BTCFi space, opening up new avenues to changing Bitcoin’s value proposition from a store of value to a yield-generating asset through liquid staking. 

With pSTAKE’s innovative yBTC testnet built atop Babylon Chain now live and Master Protocol’s Master Yield Market going live in June 2024, the yield-generating narrative for BTC “hodlers” is starting to gain significant traction.

Let’s take a deep dive into this partnership and see how the two protocols collaborate to spur the growth of BTCFi and yield generation.

pSTAKE’s yBTC is to be Listed on the Master Yield Market for Yield Trading. 

pSTAKE and Master Protocol are joining forces to elevate the BTC yield-generation landscape.

The exciting partnership will see yBTC listed on the Master Yield Market following its launch to allow yield trading to Master Protocol’s users.  

yBTC is the yield-generating liquid staked token from pSTAKE. The token is minted when users deposit BTC on pSTAKE’s Bitcoin liquid staking solution, helping to provide yield to BTC holders.

pSTAKE Finance is a liquid staking protocol that allows users to liquid-stake their BTC holding to receive rewards from Babylon’s BTC security-sharing mechanism that lends economic securities to obtain yields. The solution provides an avenue for yields on BTC while retaining liquidity through the yield-generating yBTC token. 

The announcement that yBTC will be listed on the Master Yield Market opens new doors for yBTC and helps Master Protocol strengthen its yield-delivering solution in the BTC space. 

The master protocol is described as the one-stop BTC LSDFi ecosystem that wants to become a cornerstone protocol for Bitcoin yield trading, enhance BTCFi liquidity, and optimize capital efficiency. It is a user and asset aggregator for the BTC ecosystem designed to unlock liquidity and maximize yield. The Master Yield Market is its flagship product, designed to democratize yield trading by allowing users to long/short yields that align with their financial goals.

The Master Yield Market is a game-changer, delivering yield to users by aggregating various yield-bearish LST.BTC products, including the newly announced yBTC. It simplifies the process of earning a yield in BTCFi by eliminating the complexities of multiple protocols and platforms. Instead, users on Master Protocol can start generating a yield using USDT, WETH, or WBTC through the MPT and MYT tokens.

pSTAKE to Bring Master Yield Pass NFTs to Community In Epic Giveaway

In addition to yBTC being listed on the Master Yield Market, pSTAKE is also hosting an exclusive giveaway. We are providing ten guaranteed whitelist spots and 30 first come, first served whitelist opportunities for the upcoming Master Yield Pass to the pSTAKE community.

The Master Yield Pass is an upcoming NFT series released by Master Protocol. With only 10,000 earmarked to be released in its free minting event, the Master Yield Pass NFTs provide the opportunity for users to share a commission of the LSDFi platform when staking. 

Stakers will earn points through the commissions generated on the Trading Pool and Referral Pool, which can then be exchanged for token airdrops and other rewards. Those staking the NFT will also earn point multipliers that can be used to accumulate more points, which can be exchanged for token airdrops and other rewards.

About pSTAKE Finance:

pSTAKE Finance is a Bitcoin Yield and Liquid Staking protocol, backed by Binance Labs.

With pSTAKE Finance, users can liquid stake BTC to get rewards from Babylon’s Trustless BTC staking for securing other app chains while maintaining their liquidity, powered by institutional custody providers like Cobo.

Accessing Bitcoin yields should not be complex, risky, or unsafe. With four years of liquid staking expertise and expert-curated yield strategies, pSTAKE Finance helps individuals and institutions put their BTC to work in BTCfi.

pSTAKE Finance has partnered with leading blockchain security firms, such as Halborn, Hexens, Oak Security, Immunefi, Forta, and more, to offer a secure liquid staking product suite.

PSTAKE is the governance and incentivization token of the pSTAKE Finance protocol. It has some of the most prominent investors, including Binance Labs, DeFiance Capital, Spartan Group, Coinbase Ventures, and Kraken Ventures.

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